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Founded in 1941, Hankook is a prominent name in the worldwide automotive field. The company is currently the seventh-largest tyre manufacturer globally. So, if you are searching for ‘Hankook tyres near me’, look no further.

Here at L G Perfect Engineering Ltd, we stock our enviable tyre collection with all the latest models from the company, like:

Ventus ME01: Summer Tyre

These products are reliable for enjoying optimal steering stability on hot road surfaces. Moreover, their asymmetric tread design ensures your car has adequate traction when the mercury rises. Additionally, Hankook uses a twofold jointless full cover for the model to enhance braking performance during hot and humid weather conditions.

Winter i*cept evo3: Winter Tyre

The shoulder blocks of these models contain water pipe kerf that can navigate water out of the main groove. As a result, there is a lowered risk of water build-up between the wheels and the road surface. So, your car has a lesser chance of witnessing aquaplaning.

Kinergy 4S2: All-Season Tyre

These tyre models can offer optimal yearlong performance if you live in a moderate climate area. For instance, their broad lateral grooves can adequately evacuate water when driving on icy surfaces. Alternatively, their sipe design ensures dependable road grip on dry roads.

Ventus Prime 3: Run-Flat Tyres

These tyres do not deflate during a puncture and allow you to continue driving for a certain distance at a limited speed.

We also retail:

  • Performance Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres

So, why look anywhere else for Hankook tyres Great Yarmouth? Buy tyres online using the Tyre Finder Tool on our website!

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