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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

The last thing anyone wants in the middle of their journey is a vehicle breakdown. However, during the summer season, the risk of engine failure increases drastically due to the scorching heat and sudden rainfalls. Hence, it becomes necessary to opt for summer check Great Yarmouth to make your vehicle summer-ready.

At LG Perfect Engineering Ltd., we offer summer check at affordable prices for most vehicle make and model. Our experts ensure all the essential parts of your vehicle are working optimally and deliver uncompromised performance during the blazing summer heat.

Services covered under a summer check Great Yarmouth

Here are some of the checks we cover under this service:


The coolant prevents your vehicle from overheating by maintaining the temperature inside the engine system. We will check if this coolant level is within the stated limits. If not, we will refill it per your car manufacturer’s recommended limit.


Though checking the condition of batteries is more important during the winter season, due to excessive heat during the summer months, battery fluid may evaporate faster than usual, causing the battery to overcharge. Hence, we check your car’s battery fluid level and refill them if necessary.

Air conditioning system

We run an extensive check on your car’s air conditioning system. A properly functioning air conditioning system is necessary to ensure a comfortable driving experience during the summer season. Hence, we check the AC and suggest the best solution within a minimum turnaround time.

Our summer check also includes the following:

  • Tyre check
  • Windscreen wiper inspection
  • Engine oil check, etc.

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