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Are you looking for MOT Great Yarmouth for your vehicle?

MOT is an annual safety test conducted by the DVSA that is mandatorily required for vehicle owners to drive legally on the streets of the United Kingdom. Further, all vehicles over three years old must undergo this annual test to ensure it meets all the environmental friendly and safety standards.

Is your vehicle’s MOT due?

Then, you must come down to LG Perfect Engineering Ltd. and opt for our MOT Great Yarmouth. We are a reliable automobile service station and have been certified by the DVSA to conduct MOT checks. The experts at our facility have the necessary expertise, experience and knowledge to conduct MOT checks for Class 4, 5, and 7 vehicles as stated by the regulatory body (DVSA).

About our MOT Class 4, 5 And 7 Great Yarmouth

At our facility, we conduct MOT test Great Yarmouth on the following categories of vehicles:

Class 4: Dual purpose vehicles, private passenger cars with not more than twelve seats, cars with eight seats, service and goods vehicles with a dry gross weight of less than 3,000 kgs.

Class 5: Playbuses, ambulances and private passenger vehicles with thirteen seats.

Class 7: Service and good vehicles having a dry gross weight of over 3,000 kgs. However, the weight should be not more than 3500 kgs.

Now let us take a look at the checks covered under our MOT test Great Yarmouth:

Exhaust system

The emission level of the exhaust system determines whether or not it meets environmental friendly standards. Hence, we will check if all the parts of the exhaust system are working optimally or not. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to inspect the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, resonator, silencer, etc.

Wheels and tyres

We will check the wheels and tyres installed on your vehicle for proper condition. Further, we will check whether your vehicle tyre has at least 1.6mm of tread depth and the tyre tread is free from severe damage and exposed cords.

Suspension system

We will inspect all the suspension system components to enquire whether or not they are working right since this system is among the essential parts of a vehicle that ensures your on-road safety.

Our MOT Great Yarmouth also consists of a detailed check of the following components:

  • Seatbelts
  • Windscreen
  • Car Braking system
  • External and internal lights
  • Vehicle body structure and many more

After completing these checks, our testers will provide an MOT pass or fail certificate. We will issue a VT20 certificate if your vehicle passes the MOT test with zero or Minor issues. However, if we find any Major or Dangerous faults, we will provide a VT30 certificate.

If your vehicle somehow fails the MOT test, our experts will make sure to explain the causes behind the failure and also suggest the best course of action. Based on our suggestion, you can opt for a post-MOT repair and re-appear for the test within ten days.

What are the types of issues under MOT?

After the checks, we classify the issues in your vehicle as:


These issues will jeopardise your driving safety and should be taken care of immediately. They lead to MOT failure.


These reduce vehicle roadworthiness and can make your vehicle fail the MOT test.


You may get an MOT pass certificate despite these issues. However, consider getting these resolved to avoid complications in the long run.

Hence, you can end your ‘car MOT Great Yarmouth’ and come to us. We are at Harfreys Rd, Great Yarmouth NR31 0JL.