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Wrong-sized tyres installed in your vehicle can jeopardise your comfortable car handling experience. So, here at L G Perfect Engineering Ltd, we lay additional emphasis on fitting the right tyres Great Yarmouth to your vehicle for comprehensive road safety.

You can see an alphanumeric code depicting your car’s tyre size embedded on its sidewalls. Below, we provide a detailed discussion regarding the nuances of this code:

Note: Let’s take tyre size 195/65 R15 91T as an example:

195: This number denotes the tyre’s sidewall width measured in inches. It is the same for both of the tyre’s sidewalls.

65: This number signifies that the height of this specific tyre is 65% of its width.

R: This alphabet indicates the construction type of your car tyre. The letter R stands for radial, the most common construction type. Diagonal construction and bias-ply are some of the other types used.

15: Next, number 15 highlights the rim diameter of this tyre. So, for this example, the diameter is 15 inches.

91: This is the load-bearing index of a tyre. So, this specific tyre has a load-bearing capacity of 1356 lbs.

T: It is the speed rating of your car tyre. Hence, you can legally drive your car with this tyre at a maximum speed of 118 mph.

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