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Are you looking for Tachograph Calibration Great Yarmouth for your vehicle?

LG Perfect Engineering Ltd. is one of the best in the market for calibration and fitment of all types of tachographs, such as analogue tachographs, digital tachographs, etc. Further, we offer this service for almost every vehicle type and ensure the highest level of accuracy within the least possible time.

Types of Tachographs

Both types of tachographs, digital and analogue, help record driving information, like speed, the distance a driver covers and the time spent driving. Further, these systems ensure that employers and drivers follow all norms per legal driving hours.

Analogue tachograph system

Car owners having an analogue tachograph installed on their vehicles must calibrate the system to record the work carried out while driving. It provides the necessary information to the authority and employer as required.

Digital tachograph system

While a digital tachograph system does the same job as an analogue tachograph, the results provided by this system are more accurate and effective. This system’s internal memory stores the data that the digital tachograph records. Further, this data is stored inside a memory chip that helps the driver keep a record of the vehicle and driving activities.

Why choose us?

At our facility, technicians are well-trained in tachograph calibration Great Yarmouth, conversion and installation of an analogue and digital tachograph system. We ensure that your vehicle is safe for driving on the streets of the United Kingdom. Further, our DVSA-approved service station is well-equipped with the necessary diagnostic tools and equipment to conduct an efficient tachograph calibration.

The best part is that our garage is open six days a week, and we also conduct this service with appointments on short notice.

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