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Over the years, Continental has established itself as a globally recognised brand. The company is currently the third-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Therefore, consider us at L G Perfect Engineering Ltd your best option to purchase Continental tyres Great Yarmouth.

Here you can purchase different tyre variants manufactured by this company, including:

Summer Tyre: EcoContact™ 6

The Green Chili™ 2.0 compound used by Continental enables these products to offer lower rolling resistance on hotter asphalts. As a result, the fuel consumption level witnesses a considerable decrease.

Winter Tyre: WinterContact™ TS 870 P

Their state-of-the-art sipe and pattern concepts are responsible for providing optimal traction and braking efficiency on snow-covered streets. Moreover, Continental uses a CoolChili™ compound to ensure these tyres have enhanced wet performance.

All-Season Tyre: AllSeasonContact™

Whether you drive on dry, wet, or snowy roads, you can rely on these products for optimal road grip. As a result, you enjoy a yearlong safe and comfortable car handling experience.

4x4 Tyre: ContiCrossContact™ AT

These models are an effective alternative for both on and off-road travelling. The robust design of these products is vital to safeguard from damage caused by road debris while travelling on rougher terrains. Moreover, the biting edges of these tyres can prevent the risk of aquaplaning when driving on an unpaved, muddy surface.

We also retail:

  • Performance tyre
  • Run-Flat tyre

So, stop searching for ‘Continental tyres near me’ and use the Tyre Finder Tool on our website to buy tyres from the comfort of your home!

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