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When installing new tyres on your vehicle, ensure they come with EU labels. With the updated tyre labelling rules and regulations that have come into effect on and from May 1st 2021, we at L G Perfect Engineering Ltd have updated our inventory with the latest EU-labelled tyres Great Yarmouth.

What are the updated EU labelling rules?

  • An A-to-E rating system now symbolises a tyre’s fuel efficiency. The products with rating A have a lower rolling residence, implying they can improve your car’s fuel economy. However, tyres rated E offer comparatively higher rolling resistance, hampering your car’s fuel consumption.
  • A similar A-to-E scale also rates the wet-grip performance of tyres. Tyres rated A have the most efficient braking performance on wet surfaces, whereas the products with an E rating have the least.

The noise emission efficiency of your car tyres is now rated on an ABC scale where:

  • A stands for brilliant noise efficiency.
  • B stands for high noise emissions.
  • C-rated tyres are banned.
  • There is a Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol on the labels of tyres designed specifically for snow performance.
  • The Nordic winter tyres’ labels now sport stalagmite symbols.
  • Now, a unique QR code is available on tyre models, which you can scan to get details of these models from the EU database EPREL.

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