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Are you looking for Full Car Service Great Yarmouth for your vehicle?

Every car owner must opt for a yearly comprehensive vehicle maintenance check to keep it in the best working condition. A Full car servicing every 12 months or after covering 12,000 miles – whichever is earlier, is the best solution!

Here at L G Perfect Engineering Ltd, our autobody technicians with hands-on experience guarantee a thorough Full car service Great Yarmouth to vehicles of different makes and models.

Our 77-point check includes:

Car engine check

The optimal functioning of your car engine is crucial to avoid sudden roadside vehicular breakdowns. So, here we conduct a thorough inspection of the vital engine components. For instance, we check whether the cambelt is working right. This belt is responsible for the synchronised operation of the camshaft and crankshaft. If you continue to drive with a damaged belt, the valve and piston can collide up to 200 times per minute. So, we offer replacement spares at an affordable price rate.

Likewise, we also check the engine oil and the oil filter for possible contaminations. Accordingly, we change the fluid and provide a replacement filter in minimal turn-around time. Note that we use OE-grade spare parts to ensure they are compatible with vehicle specifications.

Fuel system inspection

Cars without anti-rust protection gas tanks will corrode over time. Such sediment build-up can contaminate the fuel, adversely affecting its performance capacity. So, we check the sump, valve, etc., to ensure no such deposits form. Additionally, we check for leakages and ensure all the assembly units are attached right.

We also conduct:

  • Battery terminal lubrication
  • Mirror condition check
  • Number plate check
  • Brake servo operation check
  • Steering check
  • Suspension system check

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