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Are you looking for Car Safety Checks for your vehicle?

Come and visit L G Perfect Engineering Ltd. if you are looking for comprehensive car safety check Great Yarmouth.

Opting for this service at regular intervals will ensure that your vehicle stays in line with environmentally friendly standards and is safe to drive on the streets.

Our automobile workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostics tools and equipment to check several components of your vehicle and ensure the most precise results within a minimum waiting time.

Why choose us for car safety check Great Yarmouth?

Before beginning the service, we refer to your car’s handbook to understand the vehicle-specific instructions.

Our car safety inspection entails the following services:

Car tyres

We will check if the tyre has at least 1.6mm of tread depth and whether the main tread is free from grave damage and exposed cords. If not, we will suggest cost-effective tyre replacement solutions.

Engine oil level

In order to ensure that all the components of your car engine are running smoothly, we will check the engine oil level. If not per the recommended level, we refill it with top-notch engine oil.

Apart from the points mentioned above, we also check:

  • Lights
  • Car battery
  • Screen washer fluid level
  • Brake fluid level, etc.

So, you can now stop searching for car safety check Great Yarmouth and visit us.